It’s Not Ranting. It’s Hope.

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I pulled this quote from the Shout Your Abortion website: “If you know more than three women, you likely know someone who has had an abortion. We are your sisters, your bosses, your daughters, and your friends. But you don’t know our stories because those working to eliminate our rights have demonized us. Because of this, many of us have chosen to hide or have been deeply harmed by shame.”

I hear and/or read this claim (the demonizing part) all the time. However, I personally do not see this. I am able to admit that I may not be “able” to hear or see it since I’m a guy. I can also admit I am not the best read person in the world. As well, perhaps I just don’t have large enough social circles. However, I doubt these cover the whole of the absence. I am the first to denounce the wayward antics of people like Westboro Baptist Church, but surely you cannot think they actually speak for my Savior or the real church. And, of course, the rantings of some who make vulgar, filthy language raids in comment sections, while egregious and hateful, don’t represent anyone I’ve read lately or anyone I know that has any public clout at all.

So, respectfully, for those of you I know, love, admire, yet disagree with, could I ask you to point me to sources where you find those who “have demonized” women. If they are in my “camp” I’d like an opportunity to pray about it and perhaps offer an olive branch.

As I wait, consider this…this is the biblically informed message I hope my camp is sharing…

As an advocate for the suffering, if I removed my breath from the plight of the border-crossing crisis impacting thousands of helpless children in the American southland, from third-world starvation, from the memory and lingering effects of slavery, from the memory and lingering effects of women’s suffrage, from the memory and lingering effects of the holocaust, from inner city and rural decay leaving children at risk, from the senseless brutality of driving-under-the-influence, from the horrors of human trafficking, and from the billions who have yet to have the wonder of learning about God’s love for them, most would cry foul. So hear me when I say I and those I know find no discrepancy between these messages of hope and our prolife hopes. We’re not interested in name calling. All we want to convey is this…In all cultures and through all of time those who have made sacrifices on behalf of the defenseless and less fortunate have been called heroes. Laying aside one’s own drive for self-preservation and self-fulfillment for the hopes and benefits of the defenseless brings out the honor of one’s soul. Mom and Dad, please, may we help you see this is what your baby and the world needs from you. Be a hero.


Life's Moments

The Planned Parenthood Plight

10 week feetUp to this point I have deliberately avoided commenting on the horrific ordeal in our news regarding Planned Parenthood. Why? Well, at the outset, let me say it’s not because I intend to defend PP in any way. From its beginning with Margaret Sanger ‘til today PP has been and is immoral and criminal. It started as a eugenics movement and, quite frankly, I see no reason to believe it’s moved away from that goal.

No, I have waited because I wanted to see the outcome of what I knew would be PP’s and its supporters go to argument: the “heavy editing” charge. We know the released footage has come to us in two forms: the longer unedited version and the shorter edited videos showing various PP employees in some sorrowful light. You can see all of them at

We now know much of the media and PP itself are going to run with the “heavily edited” argument. In fact, given current media biases, they will have a field day with it. That is the nature of propaganda. When you cannot articulate a cogent and logical point of view you resort to name calling, blaming, and shaming. You have no truth, so you attempt to create psuedo-guilt.  You have no facts, so you assert hateful things. However, nothing they say or do will trump certain truths. Of course, many, perhaps an uber-majority, of PP supporters will simply and stubbornly refuse to accept what I’m about to point out, but they will not be able to defend their position with any reasonable or intelligent defense. These certain truths are twofold:

First is the undeniable cavalier attitude regarding aborted babies displayed by the exposed PP employees. And these are employees at the highest ranks. These are culture makers within the PP ranks. If it starts at the top it trickles and often runs down. Just as in the videos brought to light a couple years back by Lila Rose concerning the racist attitudes within PP ranks, one has to ask “What kind of culture even opens the door for this kind of conversation?” The answer is simple: any culture opening the door to such cavalier attitudes is nothing shy of barbaric. You can call it compassionate all you like by saying it’s all about research and helping others, but when you talk about little ones with language like the following,

“like 18 on a light day but up to 25,”
and “avoid crushing to preserve choice parts,”
and “if we alter a process and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers,”
and “it’s all just a matter of line items,”

you display a haughty, disdainful, contemptuous attitude toward your subject matter. It’s heart breaking on many levels.

Second is the revelation regarding the manipulation of the baby’s position to provide opportunity to harvest certain desired body parts and intact bodies as witnessed in the following description:

“I’m going to crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact. And with the calvarium (head), in general, some people will actually try to change the presentation (of the fetus) so that it’s not vertex (head first), because when it’s vertex presentation, you never have enough dilation at the beginning of the case unless you have a real, huge amount dilation to deliver an intact calvarium (head). So, if you do it starting from the breech presentation (feet first), there’s dilation that happens as the case goes on, and often, the last step, you can evacuate an intact calvarium (head) at the end.” (See this egregious and heartless description at , 3:49 to 4:20)

This is a description of partial birth abortion! The baby being described is alive with body parts outside the birth canal! It is not only immoral, barbaric, and evil, it’s illegal! My word what more needs to be said? No matter how pro-choice one might be, the only way to accept this practice is to silence your conscience. This cannot be…yet it is!

I am left in tears…on my knees…calling out…”Oh God have mercy on them for surely they do not know what they are doing. Surely they are blind. Surely they would stop if only they understood. Right…right?” Yet I fear my hope is misguided. They do know. They do. They have hardened their hearts. All that is left for them is salvation or damnation.

So I must move past them for now. Now I must plead with those who are the first line of defense for the innocent unborn, their Mom’s and Dad’s…and here is my plea…

“I do not want to label you. I do not want to make life bitter for you, only better. To do so, I must help you see that in all cultures and through all of time those who have made sacrifices on behalf of the defenseless and less fortunate have been called heroes. Soldiers who push comrades aside only to take the bullet—heroes. The fathers and mothers who work three jobs and go without sleep—heroes. The social workers who give up lucrative careers to labor in poverty, but in support of the impoverished of the third world—heroes.  First responders rushing into the fires and the rain of bullets so the innocent may survive—heroes. All of them, heroes. All who make sacrifices for the benefit of others, heroes. Laying aside one’s own drive for self-preservation and self-fulfillment for the hopes and benefits of the defenseless brings out the honor of one’s soul. Please, may I help you see this is what your baby and the world needs from you. Be a hero.”