The books, articles and studies on this page may be beneficial for your spiritual growth. While they are created within our ministry, you are welcome to use them however you like…of course, we hope and pray you will always represent us  and, more importantly, the Savior with fairness. We would also like to remind you to always have your Bible on hand during your reading and study. As you are introduced to passages from God’s word, lay aside the article or study long enough to read the Bible appropriately. Read more than the referenced passage. Read the passage within its context. Be sure you understand the overall intent of the passage so that you can see how the particular point made in a given verse or set of verses develops a theme or applies a principle. Also, pray before and during your reading of God’s word. Do not allow it to become merely an academic pursuit. Rather give yourself to worship.

A Message for West Sound Community Church

Going Forward


Let’s Stop the Fighting

Building a Beautiful Church (Philippians)

Message Outlines

Merry Christmas: 2022

God Loves You…even if you think you are a nobody and you think you have nothing.

The Making of a Disciple Maker

The Making of a Disciple Maker Parts One Two and Three

Happy New Year: 2022

A New Year, if it’s to be better, needs an Old Time Religion~~Psalm 78

Merry Christmas: 2021

Merry Christmas. Part One: Where Are You? John 21:1-3

Merry Christmas. Part Two: Where Are You? John 21:4-6

Merry Christmas. Part Three: Where Are You? John 21:7-14

Christ Through The Incarnation

Christ Through The Incarnation: Why Did God Become A Man, Part One

Christ Through The Incarnation: Why Did God Become A Man Part Two

Christ in the Old Testament

Christ in the Proclamations: The Deity and Incarnation of the Messiah

Christ in the Prophets: The Savior Who Would Die

Christ in his O.T. Appearances: The Angel of the Lord

Christ in the Psalms: The Psalm of the Glorious King

Christ in the Psalms: The Psalm of the Suffering Savior

Christ in the Psalms: The Psalm of the Unworthy Subject

Christ in the Psalms: The Psalm of the Great Shepherd


General and Special Revelation

Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day: Proverbs 31


The Resurrection of Jesus: What if it isn’t true?


Haggai Messages 1 thru 4: No Greater Priorty Than the Lord

God Loves You…

God Loves You: Encouragement from God’s Declarations

God Loves You: Encouragement from God’s Desires

God Loves You: Encouragement from God’s Decrees

God Loves You: Encouragement from God’s Decisions

New Beginnings…

New Beginnings; The New Creation of 2 Corinthians 4 and 5

New Beginnings: The Love of Lamentations 3

New Beginnings: The New Song of Psalm 40

New Beginnings: The Reward of Revelation 2:17

New Beginnings: The Resolve of Psalm 78

Civil Disobedience…

Civil Disobedience Parts 1 through 3

Civil Disobedience: When Does It Become Necessary

Civil Disobedience Part Two: It’s Starting To Become Necessary

Civil Disobedience Part Three: What if Two Good Outcomes are in Competition

Civil Disobedience Part Four: A Personal Letter Concerning Vaccinations

The Trinity…

The Trinity: Part One

The Trinity Part Two: God the Father

The Trinity Part Three: God the Son

The Trinity Part Three B: God the Son from Colossians 1

The Trinity Part Four: God the Holy Spirit

Reasons for Believing…

Reasons for Believing in God

Reasons for Believing the Bible

Reasons for Believing in Jesus

Reasons for Believing the Resurrection


Coleman Table of Contents: Selection

Coleman Table of Contents: Association

Coleman Table of Contents: Consecration

Coleman Table of Contents: Impartation

Coleman Table of Contents: Demonstration

Coleman Table of Contents: Delegation

Coleman Table of Contents: Supervision

Coleman Table of Contents: Reproduction

Simple Evangelism The Way Jesus Did It

Simple Evangelism the Way Jesus Talked About It

Simple Evangelism from the Self Righteous to the Self Foolish

Simple Evangelism by Loving Those You are Inclined to Reject

Simple Evangelism That Appears to Slow Your Forward Progress

Simple Evangelism That Cuts Through the Palaver: 9/20/2020

Simple Evangelism That Reaches Both the Somebody and the Nobody: 10/4/2020



Suffering: First Peter

Operation Andrew

The Unsettled Heart

Prayer For Conflict Resolution

The Flatline Leadership of Jesus

Evangelism Motivation for a Man

Prolife In Light of the Facts


The Book of Proverbs on the Simple, the Fool, the Mocker, and the Wise

The Law of Receprocity…

The Law of Reciprocity: Leader’s Guide

The Law of Reciprocity: Student’s Guide

The Law of Reciprocity: PowerPoint

The Book of Titus

The Titus Edge: Leadership

The Titus Edge: Older Men

The Titus Edge: Older Women

The Titus Edge: Younger Women

The Titus Edge: Younger Men

More Various

The Rock and The Hard Spot of Parenting


Intervention It’s Time

The Will of God and The Leading of the Holy Spirit

The Minimal Facts That Prove the Resurrection

Personal Mission Statement Work Sheet

A Fantastic Article on Elders Praying by Daniel Hayden

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