The books, articles and studies on this page may be beneficial for your spiritual growth. However, we would like to remind you to always have your Bible on hand during your reading and study. As you are introduced to passages from God’s word, lay aside the article or study long enough to read the Bible appropriately. Read more than the referenced passage. Read the passage within its context. Be sure you understand the overall intent of the passage so that you can see how the particular point made in a given verse or set of verses develops a theme or applies a principle. Also, pray before and during your reading of God’s word. Do not allow it to become merely an academic pursuit. Rather give yourself to worship.


Let’s Stop the Fighting

Building a Beautiful Church (Philippians)

Articles and Studies

Prayer for Conflict Resolution

Reasons for Believing in God

Reasons for Believing the Bible

Reasons for Believing in Jesus

Reasons for Believing the Resurrection

Flatline Leadership

Frontline Evangelism

Prolife In Light of the Facts


The Book of Proverbs on the Simple, the Fool, the Mocker, and the Wise

The Law of Reciprocity: Leader’s Guide

The Law of Reciprocity: Student’s Guide

The Law of Reciprocity: PowerPoint

The Titus Edge: Leadership

The Titus Edge: Older Men

The Titus Edge: Older Women

The Titus Edge: Younger Women

The Titus Edge: Younger Men

The Rock and The Hard Spot of Parenting


Intervention It’s Time

The Will of God and The Leading of the Holy Spirit


Operation Andrew

Personal Mission Statement Work Sheet

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