The Left and Right…Straight Paths to Hell

Do we still need more proof that both the left and right are straight paths to hell? Immediately after the tragedy of the Uvaldy school, the republicans demonized the democrats for “screaming gun control” before families could catch a breath. Today the democrats are demonizing the republicans for “screaming border control” in reference to the San Antonio truck before the horror even has a chance to set in. What will it take for everyone to finally say “enough” to this political machine? As for me, I choose to utterly reject it and choose instead to utterly serve a love motivated Savior.


2 thoughts on “The Left and Right…Straight Paths to Hell

  1. Brett says:

    Amen, Ricki. We’re wired from our creator to crave justice, but our sin has led us not to seek it from him, but instead from our own false, man-made, political, institutional idols. Only Jesus can comfort those who grieve from the depths of their soul while providing hope of a world where he will one day wipe away every tear and crush the head of injustice once and for all.

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