#The Big Shift

Sometimes the world speaks…and it’s not a whisper. Sometimes it just shouts. It may only be a thundering “Hey you,” rather than a clear directive…still you hear it and you can not turn away.

Many are reflecting on this phenomenon in light of our epic flight through the surreal landscape of 2020. For them the 2020 “Hey you” prodded a Seize the Day attitude. New dreams erupted. Questions mounted. Conversations started.

“Hey man, maybe I’m meant for more than this, afterall the world just about wound to a stop and yet here I stand.”

“Whataya think, should we take the risk? What’s the worst that can happen? We’ve survived a pandemic, a political nightmare, a public shutdown, and our own personal apprehensions.”

“Maybe it’s time.”

Like many others, perhaps you find yourself ready to submit both a resignation and a resolution. For you, it’s time. Rolling from your mind and off your lips is a new motto, “No more this, I’m resolved to conquer that!”

Right on, right on, right on! Amen! Yeah baby!

Now what? How do you do it? Where do you turn? May I offer a piece of unsolicited advice?

Before you consider your resources…
Before you contemplete philosophies, purposes, people, or plans…
Before you change out your present strength with a hopeful, yet uncertain, future…

…consider your ultimate meaning in life.

What is the one thing of ultimate priority in your life?
What is it that cannot fail you?
What is it that will never let you down?
What really, really, makes you tick, keeps you going, creates your successes, and even cushions your failures?
What really, really picks you back up, pats your back, and prevents you from turning back?

One thing, just one thing…what is it?


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