The Fall of Chicago

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Depending on sources Chicago has had around 50 wounded by gun fire over this past weekend…with several having lost their lives. The violence we are seeing across the world and here at home is evil. It needs a spiritual solution so not only lives but societies can be transformed. Evil and the death that follows do not need guns to kill. They will always find a way. However, a hundred thousand peaceful prayer partners, ignoring Rahm Emmanuel and the chestless politicoes of both the left and right, flooding and filling the streets of Chicago, as they fuel a Martin Luther King Jr style siege of peace, may very well turn the tide. America needs a new revolution, not reformation. It needs a revolution of true Christ-like love. Love that stands in the face of hostility…arms open and receiving…sacrificial love…the kind that spends itself rather than the obstacle ahead…love that says, “Come what may, help or harm, peace or pain, life or death, here we stand we can do no other. If you need to hurt others hurt us and as we fall hear our plea…’Seek the Savior, he is your last best hope.'”

God forgive us. God help us.





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