Praying for Darren Aronofsky

I read a quick review about “mother!” I learned, while being offensive, it had a quarrel to pick with Christianity. Decided to watch it. Glad I did. (Trust me tho, in other ways, I’m sorry I did.)

The man behind the movie also made “Noah” a few years back. According to what I’ve read since seeing his movie, he’s an avowed atheist. Saying the movie was offensive is a monumental understatement. It’s also gross, violent, immoral, and seriously tedious, doctrinaire, and superficial. What actors and actresses are sometimes willing to do for “art” amazes and bewilders me. Yet this is not what I find bothering me.

I find myself wondering and praying. I wonder what lies in the soul and the past of Darren Aronofsky–the movie’s creator…and I pray for him. There is a hurt pouring from every move of his “artistic” life. It’s a hurt producing more pain. Thinking he’s genious, he’s merely simplistic. Thinking he’s discovered the true nature of God, he’s lost in the misinformed statements of the Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens crowd. Thinking his problem is intellectual, he is blinded to the socio/emotional obstructions covering his hurt heart.

I do not intend to see more of his movies, but I intend to keep him in prayer. I also intend to remember the words of a godly woman from Multnomah School of The Bible, Pamela Reeve, who said to her students, “Take your shoes off when you enter someone’s life, because it’s holy ground.”


Dear Mr. Aronofsky, I recognize the risk in my post. I recognize folks can easily take my words and position to be immeasurably arrogant and self-important. I’ll take that risk. Not doing so runs another risk…not caring, not being compassionate enough to address my observations. My guess is that you run the same risks, so you make movies based on what you think and feel. Offense may not be intended, but it may very well be taken. Of course, no one other than the Creator and the sub-creator can know for sure whether offense was intended. So I can not know whether or not you meant to offend this customer, but rest assured you did not. Been there, done that speaks volumes. Your worldview is neither new, original, or even interesting. It’s just kinda worn out. It fails to prevail. Intended to eradicate something, it merely twitters itself away. No amount of sensationalism–on the big screen, in a book, lecture, play, or antics of a jester can prevent death giving way to death. I do so hope you keep searching. Your sin and mine start in the same place. The ways upon which it travels, however, are obviously different. So again, keep searching…and I promise, I will too.


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