Another Thing That Makes Me Wanna Say “Hmm.”

HmmJust one of those things that makes me wanna say “Hmmm.” Why are so many national pundants saying things like “this or that is going to provoke ISIS?” Shouldn’t we be more concerned about their provocation? I just can’t wrap my mind around the idea that somehow bullies even have the capacity to be provoked. They are already provoked by their dark hearts.

So, because the fight is afoot, I choose two weapons. The first is truth. Read the Koran. ISIS adherents do…and they believe it. It’s why they do what they do. However, the light of truth can dispel their misled allegiance to it. Which brings up the second, prayer for their salvation. Yes, there is indeed a physical battle to win if we are to save lives and freedom. There is also a spiritual battle to win if we are to see an end to ISIS and its cohorts. This battle is won by prayer as we partner with the Prince of Peace to spread abroad the light and love of God into their hearts. Earthly justice and heavenly mercy are partners in this struggle. Stay balanced my friends.


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