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my [desert] place

I must admit that I doubt God a lot. I’ve heard many stories of God’s provision both in the Bible and from people in my own life. It has never really sunk in though. Sometimes I am so blinded by the world, that I cannot recognize when it is God’s doing. When I hope for a good outcome and it happens, I say “Thank You” but it is not heartfelt. Granted, the larger happenings in life are easier to see. Just like it is easier to seek God when things are going wrong, than when they aren’t.

I’m overjoyed that the Holy Spirit is working in me, in such a way, where I can recognize God’s doing. Where I know without a doubt, that THIS WAS HIM. To see something come together for the first time, when all along it was jumbled pieces to a puzzle.

I typically have to…

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