It is an honor and privilege to reblog a few very powerful paragraphs from my son-in-law Zach Ricks. I am so looking forward to more. May his tribe increase.


A word beforehand.

Mankind is the apex of the creative desire of God almighty.

Jesus Christ High King of all creation. Fully God. Fully man. Begotten before creation. Wrapped in the mystery of the Godhead. Holy is He.

He has called me. A wretch among wretches, thorn among thorns, sinner among sinners to receive His irresistible grace. He is Most High Priest and Savior. Who was birthed, betrayed, buried, and who burst forth from the grave. And now is reigning at the right hand of the Father. He, who through His Son, has called me by His Holy Spirit to be a son of God, member of the body of Christ, and brother to those of the same blood. Saved by the blood of God. Handed the highest priced of all boons: His Grace.

All praise and honor and glory are due Him. This is my highest call as the…

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