CBF field personnel reflects on immigration crisis in McAllen, Texas

Diann, thank you. And thank you Cooperative Baptist Fellowship for all you are doing. Reports like these are sweet water to thirsty and discouraged souls. Keep on keeping on. You are all in my prayers.


Diann Whisnand is one of CBF’s field personnel serving in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Her efforts are mostly in Hidalgo County, which is top in the U.S. for concentrated poverty, and she works on several levels addressing the issue of systemic poverty.

Whisnand’s main focus—the Rio Grande Valley Literacy Center—is a development ministry specifically targeting Latino adults who want to address their lack of education or English skills. Recently, she has also helped CBF to coordinate aid given to refugees crossing the border after the huge influx of families and children entering the U.S. from Central American Countries.

Learn more about Diann Whisnand and her ministry with CBF at, and check out a recent story on Whisnand’s advocacy work on CBFblog.

 By Diann Whisnand

Central American Refugee Central American Refugee

As a field personnel with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, I’ve been ministering in the Rio Grande Valley…

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