The Baptists are in it to Serve

Check out the article at this link: Wonderful.

Pastor Shannon Talley of the First Baptist Church in McAllen, Texas has mobilized his church to help meet the needs of thousands upon thousands of children who have crossed the border. From the Baptist Press article referenced above:

“For Talley and his church, ministry has taken precedence regardless of their opinion on the government’s policies on immigration and the border.

‘While politically I think that what has been allowed to happen is incorrect … I’m not a politician. I’m a pastor,’ Talley has said to his church, he told Baptist Press Monday (July 14). ‘And whatever laws are written and whatever the government is allowing is not something I can fix. But there are people that are here, and these children especially need our help.'”

Hat’s off and please join me in thanking God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for Pastor Talley and the hundreds of folks stepping up.

However, notice one further thing found in the article:

“First Baptist Church in McAllen, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC), has responded generously in giving and in time, Talley said. While they have no access to the unaccompanied children, teams of church members are in their third week of going to a nearby processing center to assist and minister to parents and their children.”

It’s beautiful they are “allowed” to serve the children accompanied by their parents. It’s wrong they have no access to those children in greatest need. Good, decent citizens are always better than bureaucracies when it comes to the care of those in want.

Praying for the walls and halls of the bureaucracies to fall. Asking you to pray. Praying for the churches of southern Texas. Asking you to pray. Praying for the children. Asking you to pray also

The search continues.



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