The Bible on the History Channel

Coming March 3rd. The reviews by folks like Rick Warren and Luis Palau give us hope this will be a great mini-series. Our church, West Sound Community Church, is going all in. We are kicking off this Sunday with preview messages. Then on March 3rd we will join with many other churches utilizing Sunday morning messages that will prepare you to see the Sunday evening shows on the History Channel. We are also encouraging people to host Viewer Parties for friends and family. And, finally, we will be driving home the power of God’s truth with Small Group Bible Studies complimenting the entire campaign. The goal? As always, our purpose is to glorify God by developing followers of Christ who are passionate about God, His Word, His Church, and His World.

If you want to get a head start, download the Operation Andrew prayer slick at this link (Operation Andrew) and watch the trailer below. The trailer will give you some food for thought and some motivation, while the Operation Andrew prayer slick will give you a tried and true format from Billy Graham Evangelism to assist your prayer efforts on behalf of others. The slick contains two prayer cards. Download it. Print it. Cut it in half. Use one and share the other with another.


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